Quintin Head

Saturday 20th January 2024 11:00


One of the biggest Tideway rowing heads and the first of the winter rowing season.


Accepting 300 crews

Countdown to the 2024 Race








Key Details

Race start: 11:00am Saturday 20 January 2024

Course: Chiswick Bridge (University Post) to Fulham Reach

Number of crews: 300

Expected opening time for entries: 12 noon Tuesday 12 December

Entry Details – £120 per crew

Competitor Instructions

Safety Plan

Contact the Quintin Head

This site is always aimed at the current race but carries all past results.

A Note on Timing

We aim to publish the results as quickly as possible. However, they may initially contain some errors and will therefore be marked as ‘provisional’.

Any Masters handicaps and penalties awarded by the Chief Umpire will be added and shown in the Final Results.

Timing a head race depends on matching separate streams of data for crew number and time at both start and finish. Occasionally a time may initially be matched to the wrong crew.

The Quintin Head is timed with three separate systems and timed photographs are taken of crews as they cross the line. As soon as possible after the end of the race – and, we hope, during the race – provisional results based on just one of the timing systems will be put online. The results from the three systems will then be compared. The official results will be published only once any discrepancies have been resolved. At that stage the ‘provisional’ label will be removed.

If you suspect there are errors in the provisional results, please email headsecretary@quintinboatclub.org