Early season Eights Racing on the Tideway


Final Results

Imperial College win the men’s race and Cambridge University won the women’s race.

Congratulations to Westminster School Boat Club and Marlow Rowing Club for winning the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prizes for the fastest combined Junior results across all three age groups.

Both the Marston’s Club Prizes were awarded to Thames Rowing Club.



The Draw.

Start Order Notes
Division 1, Crews 1-50 will marshal on Surrey, upriver of Chiswick Bridge.
Division 2, Crews 51-100 will marshal on Middlesex, upriver of Chiswick Bridge.
Division 3, crews 101-150 will marshal on Surrey between Chiswick Bridge and Barnes Bridge.
Division 4, crews 151-200 will marshal on Middlesex between Chiswick Bridge and Barnes Bridge.
Division 5, crews 201-250 will marshal on Surrey downriver of Barnes Bridge.
For the purpose of substitution the limits of 125% of CRI for each band are: Open Senior – 5088; Open Intermediate – 2585; Open Development – 845; Women Senior – 4127; Women Intermediate – 1825; Women Development – 748.
Version 2 (23/01/2019):
Crew 13 Molesey (Cassells) have elected to move from Open Senior to Open Championship and will start between crews 2 and 3.
Crew 250 Latymer Upper School (Bourette) WJ15 have had to make one male substitution and so have changed category to J15, rowing for time only.
Version 3 (26/01/2019):
Crews 17, 19, 35, 78, 85 and 250 have scratched.
Crew 108 Upper Thames MasD is now an Upper Thames / Henley composite MasD.